Hand signed by Rajacenna giclee print from the original colored pencil fantasy drawing
Price: 189 euro
Inclusive handwritten postcard with personal message by Rajacenna

Giclee unframed
Tax included
Prices are subject to change
Made with colour pencils

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This fairy already lived around a thousand years on a planet far far away.
She never really lived, life wasn’t really fair to her.
She always dreamed of seeing the magic of the night but never saw it.
She only saw the darkness of the night.

All that could save her was just a little magic, just a little.
When she didn’t expect anything anymore something changed.
A magical white bird came out of the dark and gave her the last hope that she needed.

After a thousand years she could finally laugh again.
She sparkled in the darkness and saw finally the magic of the night!

I always want to give my drawing the feeling of hope and magic.

Original published: Nov 7, 2010




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