Payment methods and terms of delivery

General information

Rajacenna is the leading quadridextrous and ambidextrous realistic drawing artist in the world situated in the Netherlands. 


Ordering details are visible under the products on their product pages. Terms of delivery are mentioned under every product. Name, email and delivery details can be filled in on the form underneath. After clicking the ‘buy’-button you will be directed to the checkout page. 

Payment methods

For the moment there will be only two payment methods. This will be extended in the near future. 

Payments for the Netherlands: Ideal

International payments: Sepa


Currently SEPA consists of 36 countries as visible here:

Sepa includes payment schemes for credit transfers, instant credit transfers, direct debits and business-to-business direct debits.

Order information

At this time there won’t be send any confirmation or receipt email to the customer for received order(s). However this will be the case in the near future. Your order-details will be visible in your bank account information. 

Delivery reserves the right to cancel an order or orders if the customer has repeatedly failed the payment.

Processing- and delivery time is approximately 14 business days.

No right to return goods

Rajacenna doesn’t except returned goods.